The Ritman Family

The Ritman Family

As a first-grader at Brunswick, in 1982, Jimmy Ritman ’94 idolized the older Bruins he watched play varsity football and basketball for the Brown & Gold.

He participated in the age-old Lower School wrestling tournament under the ever-trained eye of his gym teacher, Tim Ostrye.

And, most important, he began to understand the meaning of the School’s motto —  Courage, Honor, Truth — with the genuine care and support of his teachers, coaches, and mentors.

Ritman ultimately climbed the educational ranks into the Upper School, where he set the example for younger Brunswick boys to follow as a hard-working student, committed athlete, and dedicated Big Brother, graduating in 1994.

He’s now a proud alumnus and trustee of the School — and an even prouder father.

Pierce Ritman ’28 is currently a first-grader at ’Wick.

“Nothing can match the pride I have watching my son shake hands with Upper School students as he walks in through the doors of Brunswick each morning,” Ritman said.

“Nothing can match the pride I have hearing him talk about his Brunswick experiences and hearing him talk about what Courage, Honor, Truth means to him. 

“To hear how the School instills those same values in the students today bonds us all.” 

It’s a bond Ritman shares intimately with his son — and so many more of his Brunswick brethren.

“The best testament to my Brunswick experience is that my closest friends, my groomsmen (seven out of eight, in fact), and the godfathers to my children are all Brunswick brothers,” he said.

“In an ever-changing, fast-paced world, it’s nice to have one constant in those relationships.”

And so, Ritman’s planned gift in support of the Brunswick community is really a natural next step for him — a constant and abiding expression of his appreciation and gratitude.

“Outside of my family, Brunswick has been the most influential aspect of my life,” he said.

“To help current and future students on their journeys to become young men of character is a great way to give back to a place that has meant so much to me.”