The Carangelo Family

The Carangelo Family

At the crux of the Carangelo family’s Brunswick experience are the inspiring advisors, teachers, and coaches who have had such an impact on their boys, Bobby ’17 and Billy ’21.

Cue Anthony Fischetti.

When Bobby, a current ’Wick senior, was in eighth grade, he dropped an easy touchdown pass in the end zone and jogged dejectedly back to the huddle.

Coach Fischetti didn’t let Bobby play the goat for long, though, seeing a clear opportunity for split-second redemption and calling the same play on the very next snap.

This time, Bobby made the catch and walked off the hero.

And now, younger brother Billy looks forward to advisory lunch every Monday with that same Mr. Fischetti, who poses an interesting question each week to trigger discussion among the group.

“If you went back in time, would you be friends with your dad in Middle School?” the eighth-grade dean and history teacher once asked (the answer can be saved for another day).

“There are so many stories similar to these that contribute to the growth of our boys,” said father Rob, a Brunswick trustee since 2011.   

“Bobby and Billy live the Courage, Honor, Truth motto not because they have to, but because they are inspired to.”

As their way of giving back to Brunswick, the Carangelos have made a planned gift of life insurance to the School.

“We’ve chosen to do this because it will generate a much larger gift down the road —hopefully very far down the road,” Rob said.

“Our gift to the endowment is also unrestricted, giving the School the flexibility to ensure that it continues to evolve for future generations of Brunswick boys.”