Before You Give: 4 Questions to Ask

The act of giving through your estate plan involves reflection and forethought. It also warrants a conversation. Here are four key questions to ask when considering a legacy gift.

1. How will my gift be used?

Why it matters: Your gift might be invested to fund a long-term goal, or it could go toward covering an immediate need. Additionally, your gift could make a broad impact or be used for a specific purpose. This question helps you articulate your goals and allows the organization to share their initiatives.

2. What is the vision of the organization?

Why it matters: A vision statement shares where an organization is headed. Because a legacy gift provides support well into the future, make sure our plan aligns with your values.

3. What is your 10-year plan?

Why it matters: Details on strategic plans, rainy-day funds, board bylaws and fundraising guidelines are clues that an organization will remain viable.

4. How will my gift be recognized?

Why it matters: Philanthropy is always worth celebrating, but you have the right to opt in or out of recognition. Express your preferences. It’s OK to ask to be removed from a list, or to see your name in lights. Whether your gift is celebrated in a public or private way is completely up to you!

Let’s Have a Conversation

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